Self-care and wellbeing

Carers – free days out

Visitor attractions and leisure facilities often offer significant discounts to you and the person you care for.

Free family breaks and activities

Give yourself a breather and time and space to look after your own wellbeing. Adopt South West parents recommend several free short breaks and activities for 2024.

Caring for the carer? 

An adoptive parent shares how supporting special needs can be very hard and it’s easy to neglect ourselves due to all the pressures of keeping the wheels on everyone else: “I write this as I have seen recently the effects that secondary trauma has had on my own body where it can take its toll on us in so many ways, which really makes everything so much harder. Here’s where I have started by writing a list of the things I used to like to do…. I had lost sight of the simple things I can change…”

Helpful resources to help navigate the holidays and festivities

Parents and Adopt South West team members share resources to navigate the festive season.

Spotlight on masking

When children return home from school their ‘lid may fly off’, or they may freeze, due to having had to mimic or hide how they really feel inside.

Do you fancy a free open air yoga class?

Sessions begin on Sundays in May and run throughout to mid September. Please check your local venue for more details below, exact times and Facebook pages for updates. 

Tips on supporting wellbeing

Healthy eating, exercise and sleep can all reduce stress

Link Up! Connecting young adopted people

Link Up! is a casual group organised by Psychology Associates to help connect adopted young people between the ages of 16 to 24 who currently use or have previously used their service.