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Through a child's eyes - podcast with Debbie Bright

Adoption Through a Child’s Eyes – podcast

Adoption Through a Child’s Eyes with Debbie Bright (

Learn more about adoption with our You Can Adopt podcast. In this episode, Debbie Bright is joined by a young adopted person, 11-year old Lillybelle, and her mum Lizzy. They discuss her fostering and adoption journey, providing some great insight for prospective adopters.

Lillybelle and Debbie talk about how it’s important to Lillybelle to stay in contact with her birth family and her foster family, and about the emotional connection with her adoptive family. Debbie asks her some difficult questions and they talk about her memories.

Debbie also talks about the Mockingbird Project – a support network for foster carers, and Lillybelle reads from the book she has just published called ‘In My Own Words’.