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Nick Ede wear a pale ink jumper and stands casually smiling at the camera. He is a white man in his 50s with short grey hair.

Identity, Openness and Birth Family Contact – podcast

Identity, Openness and Birth Family Contact with Nick Ede (

Learn more about adoption with our You Can Adopt podcast. In this episode, TV presenter, culture expert and adopted person Nick Ede speaks to Samantha, who is part of three generations of adopted people. The episode explores how adoption has changed through the decades, through the voices of two people who have seen or heard first-hand how it has evolved.


Samantha’s family have three generations of adopted people – her mother, herself and now her son. She has seen first-hand how adoption has evolved through generations, to become a much more transparent and open process. Nick was also adopted, and didn’t find out until he was 14 years old.

Samantha and Nick discuss their experiences, and how modern adoption has evolved and puts a greater emphasis on helping children understand their history and make connections with their past.

While historically adoption was often seen as secretive and hidden, with little information and support provided to help adopted people understand their history, it is now vital that adoptees have a good understanding of their history to help form a positive sense of identity. This includes staying in touch with birth relatives and friends (when safe and appropriate), and maintaining these connections through life story books, later life letters, and memory boxes, which all help adopted people stay connected to their past.