The value of playing with your child – free online course from Family Futures

Family Futures’ is inviting adoptive parents to join this free webinar to find out about activities you can use in daily life to help your child express themselves and feel regulated within their play.

Play is the language in which children primarily communicate with and is an essential component of human development. For children in foster care and who have been adopted, early years will have been marked with chaos and neglect, leaving little space to play freely.

Play encourages reciprocal relationships and allows a child to revisit the basic need for connection, a ‘way in’ to support repair with secure care givers. Play provides opportunities for children to develop their cognitive, motor and emotional and social skills, as well as being a vehicle for achieving a sense of mastery, bringing joy and a sense of ‘shared fun’ with others.

Course objectives

The webinar will provide an understanding of the impact of trauma and attachment difficulties on a child’s development and their themes of play. Through videos and playful art activities there will also be a sense of learning how to incorporate activities into daily life which may support your child to express themselves and feel regulated within their play.

Who should attend?

Adoptive parents, foster carers, kinship carers and special guardians


Sarah Falkenberg-Hassan, Art Psychotherapist. Sarah is an Arts Psychotherapist who works holistically through various creative mediums to support children and adults at Family Futures to connect with their unconscious and conscious responses. Play has been a primary feature within her work with families, and she believes in the need to connect with the repressed child who was unable to play in a safe and secure environment with reliable and consistent caregivers.

How to access the course

The value of playing with your child
Thursday 1 December 2022, 11am to 1pm

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