Adoption stories

A young boy watching the TV

Sarah and Gill

Fergus was born three months premature and suffered abnormal weight loss. Although this improved and he started to feed well, it was discovered that he had a heart murmur.

Over time, this seemed to have resolved itself and will be monitored, but now there was a concern that he may suffer from a rare chromosomal condition – so far, tests have not been conclusive.

When Sarah and Gill first came forward to adopt Fergus they were worried about the proposed contact with the birth family, but on meeting Fergus’ birth parents, who have moderate learning disabilities, they realised that, over time, contact with them would be good for Fergus. Sarah and Gill were happy to go ahead with the indirect contact.

Fergus also had a number of siblings and half-siblings, some still in foster care and some adopted.

Gill adds: “He’s a nosey little wotsit – always wanting to know what’s going on”.

Sarah and Gill have continued to offer him high levels of stimulation, love and nurturing and he is coming on in leaps and bounds.