Spotlight on continence needs

Does your child have an Individual Healthcare Plan in school? It is advised by ERIC, the bowel and bladder charity, that a care plan is completed for all learners who have continence difficulties that affect their school day.

As the care plan is a working document designed to assist school in their care for a learner, this should include all the information they require. It can be completed by parents/carers and the school, an ideal opportunity would be to ask for a special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) review meeting to discuss your child’s needs.

If your school has any concerns, if the child’s condition or treatment is complex, or if there are any disagreements, schools may consult the GP, continence team who work from your local hospital or a relevant healthcare professional.

The template for the individual healthcare plan can be found on ERIC’s website.

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ERIC – continence resources children with additional needs

ERIC, the Children’s Bowel and Bladder Charity is the UK’s leading charity supporting all children and teenagers with a bowel or bladder problem.

Topics areas on the dedicated pages for children with additional needs include:

  • potty training your child
  • interoception and toileting
  • help with toileting
  • toileting anxiety
  • constipation and autism

Links to other organisations and resources for families. For much more information have a look at ERIC’s updated website.