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The Adoption Journey By Darren Boswell-Gallagher

Join Darren as he takes you on his adoption journey as a gay, married, father to one amazing little boy!

“Join me as I take you on a step back by step journey through the adoption process.

“My name’s Darren Boswell-Gallagher, I’m in my mid-thirties I’m gay, married and a father to one amazing little boy, and we’re about to start the adoption process for a second time.”

The Adoption Journey podcast with Darren Boswell-Gallagher

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Disclaimer: This podcast is made for entertainment purposes and is a first hand account of Darren’s adoption journey. It includes reflections on the process and views are his own and not those of any agencies mentioned. For detailed advice about adoption please contact our friendly team at Adopt South West and look online at good quality sources.