Adoption stories

Lizzy and her children drawn in crayon by on of her children standing below a rainbow

Lizzy’s three children

Lizzy and her husband started their adoption journey with a baby, or toddler, in mind. However, after their initial training and doing their own research they both agreed that keeping siblings together felt more important to them than age.

Lizzy explains how not every day is wonderful, but there is something wonderful in every day…

We adopted our first two children, an older sibling group, a little over three years ago.

We are so thankful that our eyes were opened up to other possibilities during those training sessions. Our children absolutely without a shadow of a doubt were meant for us and us for them.

Our eldest was six-years-old when she came home. Despite having suffered unimaginable trauma in her early years she welcomed us in to her life and heart with open arms. She has a zest for life that I admire and just the right amount of sassiness! She is wonderful.

Our son was two. He won our hearts instantly with his cheeky smile and fun loving nature. We thank him every day for bringing us so much fun and adventure.

This year we welcomed in to our home and hearts a beautiful baby who is currently with us under fostering for adoption.

We have a print in our house that says:

‘In this home it’s mixed beginnings and love never ending.’

Honestly, I don’t think I could find any more perfect words.

The love and understanding that we have for each other gets us through the more challenging times and we do face challenges.

You cannot expect anyone to come from a place of trauma and be unaffected. Our children can regress during times of stress. Nightmares come and go. We get through it.

Not every day is wonderful but there is absolutely something wonderful in every day.

These beautiful souls bring more joy into our lives than anything else.

We have felt well supported by Adopt South West. We have been surprised by the amount of training available. The regular family fun days that they organise are wonderful and our children really look forward to them.

Our support network has taken on a whole new dimension. We have made friends for life through both the training and family days. We have found the adoptive community, in general, to be so welcoming and supportive.

We are proud adopters.

Our lives and the lives of our friends and family have been enriched by these precious little people. The joy they bring is immeasurable.

What advice would you give to anyone considering adoption?

If I could pass on any advice to prospective adopters it would be to go in to the process with your eyes, mind and heart wide open.

Do your own research. Read everything you can find on attachment and therapeutic parenting.

Ensure you have a good support network around you. Meet up and get to know other adopters if you can.

We are a friendly bunch and often only too happy to share our experiences.