Guidance to support children being away from school, or to support a part-time timetable in school

Guidance on how to support school attendance where there is a pupil experiencing social, emotional or mental health issues.

Released earlier this month, this new Government guidance supports children and young people who cannot manage school full time.

This guidance gives clarity to schools/colleges who might be struggling under the current education rules, where they might put unfair added pressure on families to go full-time when this may not be the best for a child/young person. In this case it allows children to be away from school or go onto a part-time timetable without it affecting attendance records.

Important to note: that this guidance applies to any pupils displaying any social, emotional or mental health issue that is affecting their attendance. It is not only for pupils who have a diagnosed mental disorder, or a disability or special educational need.

Page 11 ‘part-time timetables can be used for children who are anxious about attending school’

Please note that ‘Alternative Provision’ is not included in this guidance, where it should suggest alternative options to families to support positive mental health (this guidance is available separately).