FASD – disability or learning difficulty?

Just published! A new factsheet on FASD – diagnosis of disability or learning difficulty has just been published by the FASD Network, working collaboratively with FASD Hub South West to help families navigate the terminology and to seek additional support where needed.

An individual with Fetal alcohol spectrum disorder (FASD) may have a disability, or a learning difficulty, or both,

  • you do not need a diagnosis of FASD to have a disability and/or a learning difficulty
  • an individual who meets the definition of disability under the Equality Act 2010 (UK) is legally protected against discrimination in the workplace, educational settings, the justice system, housing and in the provision of goods and services
  • labels are sometimes unhelpful, but it can also feel empowering for some individuals to know if you or someone you care for has a disability and/or a learning difficulty

FASD is a complex disorder with over 400 co-concurring conditions. There is often confusion and frustration surrounding FASD and whether it is a disability and/or learning difficulty.

A ‘diagnosis’ of disability and/or learning difficulty can sometimes determine what support, benefits and legal protections an individual is entitled to.

This factsheet explores

  • whether/when FASD is a disability and/or learning difficulty, and
  • how individuals with disabilities or learning difficulties are protected
  • how to access support
  • how to enforce your legal rights

Written by Velma Eyre with thanks to the support of the legal Pro bono team at Clyde and Co LLP. This fact sheet is for information only and is not intended to constitute legal advice.