Enough tomatoes?

Source: Article by a parent from the Co-Production Group

“Both my sons will only eat certain foods, this is called a restrictive diet and one of those ‘safe’ foods is tomatoes. There is currently a restriction on buying them in the supermarkets due to global shortages (when you can find them!). In some stores and supermarkets, this restriction also includes other salad and fruit products.

We often have to bulk-buy our food, as we cannot run out – otherwise all kinds of crazy things will happen! This applies to currently include a certain type of ice lolly and fruit winders, which one of my sons binge eats.

In order to buy certain food in any kind of quantity without getting that ‘look’ from the checkout member of staff, I show them a card that stops me having to explain, in front of my child, why we are exempt from any restrictive buying. (I have linked the card below.)

This also includes a card for when you go in a restaurant and want 26 chicken nuggets instead of a full meal!

I hope this might help some of you who have similar restrictive eating challenges.”