Adoption stories

Danny and Rita share their fostering for adoption journey

Local adopters and former foster carers, Danny and Rita, have two birth sons who are teenagers. They both felt, as much as they loved fostering, that they could do so much more by giving a child more than just a temporary home.

In this honest and authentic interview, Danny and Rita share their adoption journey. Watch it here.

They felt they had space in their family and wanted to offer a child a permanent home. They have loved every minute of having their daughter. And now they feel that, in their home and in their hearts, they have plenty of room and will be adopting again.

They share:

  • How we started our adoption journey
  • Fostering for adoption (1.00)
  • Adopting a younger child (5.45)
  • Matching (7.35)
  • Making connections (12.00)
  • Connecting through training (14.30)
  • Support (18.02)
  • Having faith (18.30)
  • Thinking about adoption? Get your questions answered (19.24)
  • Due to COVID-19 the court process was delayed (25.01)
  • Building a relationship with your social worker (25.30)
  • Listening to your foster carer (26.18) Adoption again? 29.53

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