A relatable, hands-on, practical guide to adoption

We asked Veronica, a Family Practitioner at Adopt South West, to review a book she has found helpful for parents. This book is a relatable, hands-on, practical guide to adoption.

The A-Z of Therapeutic Parenting: Strategies and Solutions by Sarah Naish

Book cover of The A-Z of Therapeutic Parenting: Strategies and Solutions by Sarah Naish“If you don’t like dense, dry, theoretical books telling you more than you ever wanted to know about the science behind developmental trauma, then this might be the very book you need. Sarah Naish is the mother of five adopted children, and the writer behind the Therapeutic Parenting books. Here she brings together all her expertise in an easy to read, hugely helpful look at the challenges adoptive parents might face.

“Opening with some short, clear chapters on attachment and parental self care, she moves swiftly on to look at a vast range of issues adopters might need to address. The A-Z section takes in bedwetting through friendships to stealing, by way of homework and social media, along with hundreds of other concerns.

“For each one there are headings listing What it looks like, Why it might happen and Preventative strategies. Bullet points mean that it’s easy to focus on the issue and find practical solutions. Under ‘poo issues’ for instance, she lists 21 reasons why it might happen, and as many ways of dealing with it.

“Throughout the book she shows how parents can be mindful of the child’s need to stay connected. So, if a child is cruel to animals, she reminds us that despite feeling angry and upset ‘You will need to take the first step in the repair as the child will be deep in shame (rather than feeling remorse).’

“She includes her own children’s behaviour as examples – and it’s always heartening to know that other people have been through what we’re struggling with, and survived!

“I highly recommend this as a hands-on, practical guide to adoption.

“The paperback is £15 from Amazon, or £11 on Kindle.”