The impact of our conference on adopters – “Connecting birth parents”

Karen tells us: “I think the conference really had an impact on many adopters who have looked at their own letterbox agreement, and felt more empathy for birth parents.” Find out how Karen is connecting birth families.

The A-Z of Trauma-Informed Teaching by Sarah Naish

Louise shares her review by saying it is written by authors who understand the present difficulties and limitations in many educational settings. This book will give you the confidence and knowledge to support your child’s school to understand trauma, and to build a strong home and school relationship.

The Very Wobbly Christmas, book review by Luke

Luke aged 13 gives us his review of this book, which shares the powerful message of therapeutic parenting and a gentle reminder for both parents and children that it’s okay for us all to feel a bit wobbly at Christmas time.

Help keep your family safer online

One of our adopters finds the Family Link app by Google works really well for her and her two teenagers.

In My Own Words by Lillybelle Keating

There is a strength of hearing children and young people’s voices – step into the mind of 11-year-old Lillybelle, as she reflects back on her adoption journey. We hope that her story will bring comfort to children on their own journey.

The Unofficial Guide to Therapeutic Parenting for Childhood Aggression and Violence

Hilary says the book gives pointers for recognising when someone is about to explode and also techniques to help recover and repair once peace is restored. There are specific sections dedicated to issues such as social media, eating, friendships making this a book that will remain useful as your children develop.

Adopting Alfred – new book recommendation

Emma adopted through Adopt South West in 2019 and has just written a new book for prospective adopters. We hope this book will be helpful especially as it focuses on the adoption journey from a birth child’s perspective.

Book review: ‘The Simple Guide to Understanding Shame in Children’

Louise Ridout, our Family Practitioner at Adopt South West, gives us her review of Betsy’s guide that offers a deeper understanding and practical ideas for support around shame.