Help keep your family safer online

School age mixed race girl stares at her mobile screen, on top is a screen shot of the Google Family Link app

One of our adopters finds the Family Link app by Google works really well for her and her two teenagers.

“With two adopted teens we avoided buying mobile phones until they reached 15. They’d used my phone to contact friends prior to this. Even at 15, we still felt anxious about the risks involved.

They give us passwords to their phones, apps and email. And they understand we need to monitor their usage.

We introduced Family Link App for online and social media safety.

It works very well for us. The app is on the parent and child’s phone and controlled by a parent-only password. We’ve all agreed to use it for their safety.

We use Family Link to set on/off times for phone usage; set time limits for individual apps; choose stage appropriate ratings for apps and Web browsing.  Apps  cannot be downloaded without our approval. We can see how much time is used on each app which helps to build a pattern and we then chat with our teens about how they’re using apps. When needed, we can remotely switch off the phone.

The Family Link app has been a great safety tool for us. Our FASD affected teens are so vulnerable in daily life and even more so online. Anything which helps keep them safe brings us peace of mind.”

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