We are family

Being an adoptive family can create all sorts of questions for the family and friends that are part of your lives.

“What is Therapeutic Parenting?”
“Are you criticising how I parented you?”
Why are you doing that?”

“Why aren’t you parenting like I used to parent you?”

“We want to help but don’t feel we are getting it right?”

Hilary Harris and Sue Pearson, from Adopt South West, are interested to know if your family and friends would like the opportunity for a regular, online, meet up to ask questions, and share their worries and laughter, about becoming part of your children’s lives.

Would it be helpful to:

  • offer talks from therapists to explain why you live the lives you do?
  • hold discussion sessions about the impact of in-utero and early trauma on the developing brain, or life story work, or contact with birth families or…?
  • generally meet up and chat about issues, as they arise?

We’d like to know what you think! Please help us learn by completing this ‘We are family’ short questionnaire, by Friday 22 March 2024.