Have you read Eddy Finds a Family?

Eddy Finds a Family by Sarah McGeough:

Our Adopt South West Family Practitioner, Mandy, shares her review of ‘Eddy Finds a Family’ by Sarah McGeough:

Sarah and her husband tried for a child for eight years. It was a difficult journey, but they completed their family in 2016 and adopted their son. At the time Sarah felt there weren’t many books available to help children understand adoption in a better way and so, during lockdown she decided to self-publish her first children’s book ‘Eddy Finds a Family’ in December 2020.

This is a lovely book, and gently explores the path to adoption for both parents and children. The simple narrative and engaging story follows the bright and colourful characters Flossy and Frank Flamingo and Eddy Emu as they find each other and become a family.

I’ve used this book to prepare children (aged three to six years old) for moving on to their new families. It gives great openings to talk about the full range of feelings they have and that it’s okay to feel happy, sad, angry, or scared.

Eddy’s story continues and Sarah has written a second book in the series, Eddy Feels At Home. Eddy is moving in with his mummy and daddy, and we follow them as they get to know one another, learn more about adoption and settle into their home together.

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