Supporting older children and adults with FASD

Article source: The Adopt South West Co-Production Group and FASD South West

By learning from other countries who are well ahead in research and experience of supporting Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders FASD we have come across a booklet, developed with the support and advice of individuals with FASD, family members and professionals.

This great booklet provides ideas, support and experience on ‘Building on Gifts’, ‘Supporting Sleep’, ‘Self Care’, ‘Money and Budgeting’, ‘Shopping and Meal Preparation’’, House Maintenance’, ‘Time and Schedules’, ‘Work Life’, ‘Relationships and Community Involvement’, ‘Social Relationships’, ‘Transportation’, ‘Safety in Community’.

Download the free booklet: Supporting success: for Adults with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD)

If you are supporting older children or adults with FASD you’ll love this because…

‘While it is important to recognise the differences in brain functioning that people with FASD live with, it is equally important to honour the unique gifts and abilities they demonstrate’.

‘Many people with FASD display important and valued strengths and abilities’

‘In addition, they often have success with hands-on tasks and benefit from concrete, experiential learning situations and visual cues. Individuals with FASD often work well alongside another person who is positive and encouraging and who offers encouragement and cueing in a natural way’.