Supported internships

Article source: FASD Hub South West

Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP) Early Transition planning reviews: Supported internships

This is something that the Government is funding and is threaded through the SEND reform so there will be more placements added as time goes on.

Thinking ahead, this conversation could be included in your next EHCP reviews where with young people with complex needs there is an early need for ‘transition planning’ so that a very slow transition can be carefully thought through, where a further multi-disciplinary assessment or neuropsychological assessment could be applied for and where places can be looked for way ahead of leaving school or for those that are not in school.

Julie from FASD South West says:

“This short video champions why young people feel heard when working in supported internships, do have a watch as you won’t regret it and see what you think… Look out for Ben who I know at Wincanton distribution head office who makes me cry every time I watch it where he says:

“I feel like an adult… It’s a real job…”

“…Being a person who never done nothing other than I used to stay in my bedroom all the time”

“…From not trusting people when I was younger, people don’t judge me”

Explore your local offer, local college or other charities to see what they have available locally for supported internships.

Previous supported internships webnairs have been recorded it and are definitely worth a watch if you are considering options for young people:

  • What is a supported Internship?
  • My supported internship by Alex
  • A supported interns interview
  • Why employment is important

Scroll to the end of the page on Spotlight on Supported Internships, where you can select the videos to watch.