Now is the time to adopt

We want to highlight our children in care who can wait the longest to be adopted.

Children with disabilities can wait the longest to be adopted, on average spending more than 450 days in care before their forever family is found.

Children over the age of four wait on average nearly 250 days in care; black, Asian, and ethnically diverse children wait on average over 100 days in care; and brother and sister sibling groups wait on average over 150 days in care, all before they are adopted.

There are currently 50 children awaiting adoption in Devon, Somerset, Plymouth and Torbay. 30 are boys and 26 are girls. Of these children, 20 who are currently waiting the longest, are primary school age; brothers and sisters (nine siblings), six children of duel heritage and three who have disabilities.

The statistics are being shared in a our promotional campaign in the hope that potential adopters will be encouraged to ‘Think Again’ and be open to adopting beyond their preferred age group and gender.

We are looking for people from all walks of life to meet the varied needs of children in our care.

Age, faith, ability, sexuality, relationship status and family status are not barriers to adoption. The focus is always on finding the right family for the child, not the child to fit the family.

People are required to be over the age of 21 to adopt, but there is no upper age limit. They can be single, married or unmarried couples including same-sex or couples in civil partnerships.

Kath Drescher, Head of Adopt South West, tells us:

“Some children wait longer to be adopted, and yet all children long for the love and stability of being part of a family.

“We are focusing on time in our campaign because every month, every week, every day, every minute of a child’s life waiting for adoption is time they’ve not enjoyed with a forever family.

“We would like this campaign to make potential adopters think again, and if they have apprehensions, to talk to us about any concerns that may be discouraging them from applying.”

To watch the videos to our latest campaign, visit our YouTube channel.

We are interested in what you have to offer a child who needs adopting rather than your marital status, finances, whether you own a house or already have children.

If you can provide a loving, permanent and secure home for a child, we want to hear from you. You don’t have to be perfect!

Children who need adoption come from a variety of backgrounds, so we need adopters with a wide range of knowledge, skills, and lifestyles.

Use our ‘Ready to adopt?’ checker to learn more about who can adopt and when the time might be right for you.

Find out if you can adopt now

If you are interested in adopting any of the groups currently waiting the longest in our care system; brother and sister siblings, children over four years old, disabled children and children with additional needs, or black and ethnically diverse children, please get in touch with our friendly team.