New Family Social podcast: Adoption, fostering and tea

Adoption, fostering and tea podcasts are about adoption and fostering chat with people who’ve done it, from the UK’s LGBTQ+ adoption and fostering charity, New Family Social.

Hear LGBTQ+ people’s stories by listening to the recent episodes:

Alex and his husband moved to the UK from Eastern Europe, built their support network through New Family Social and then adopted two boys.  The last 18 months have had highs and lows.  Alex talks about their journey, how they’re dealing with a problem at school and how they keep in touch with their children’s four siblings.

John is the sole parent of two children ages 5 and 8.  For the last couple of years he’s done filial therapy with them which is a type of play therapy delivered by parents/carers.  He talks about how it helps his children to communicate feelings they don’t have words for.

Chris and his husband are fostering-to-adopt a baby despite not having intended to take that route.  Chris talks about why they were initially put off by the uncertainty foster-to-adopt brings.  He also talks about their plan to have ongoing direct contact with the child’s birth family.

Dave is a single carer and has been fostering teenagers since he started fostering during Covid.  He talks about creating a low-conflict home in which they can thrive.  He also talks about how he manages behaviour which some people find challenging.

Arjay and Tom adopted two year old twin girls 12 weeks ago. The had previously volunteered at New Family Social’s summer camp to get childcare experience. This year they’ll return with their children who they met at an exchange day. The girls had been born prematurely and that means there’s some uncertainly about their health and development. The new dads are thrilled with their family life.
It took two years for Neil and Stuart to go through the adoption assessment process, in part due concerns about their weight. They’re now delighted to have their baby but the birth parents are contesting the adoption.
Our guests from episode 59 – “Counting down to panel” link below.  Return to tell us about their successful approval panel and what day to day life it like while they’re family finding.
Walter has had episodes of depression since his late teens and thought it might be a barrier to adopting. He talks about how he was treated during assessment and how he copes with his mental health issues as a parent. He has been open with his adopted son about his depression and talks about how that openness has been positive for both of them.
Cameron and his husband have been doing lot or research about adoption. They’re wondering whether they know enough, whether the should move house first and when is the right time to start the process. Luckily, they’re volunteering at summer camp so they can find out more.
Robert is a lone parent of siblings, aged five and seven, who he adopted 18 months ago. He talks about the enormous benefits of adopting his children at the same time as well as the practicalities of working full time when you have two kids. He also talks about raising children from a different ethnic background to him own.
“Why I’m No Longer Talking to White People About Race” by Reni Eddo-Lodge
“White Fragility: Why It’s So Hard for White People to Talk About Racism” by Robin DiAngelo


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