If you want to know more about adoption, come along and meet us

If you would like to attend any of our adoption information sessions (virtually), please let us know you will be coming. Complete our online form, call 0345 155 1076 or email and we will confirm the location details with you.

You can also sign up to receive email alerts about future events for potential adopters.

Our events are a great way to find out more about adoption. You can talk to adoption social workers and families who’ve adopted, watch a presentation, find out more about the application process, and get your questions answered.

We are now holding information sessions virtually and our Business Support Team will be contacting people who are booked to take part in a virtual information session. Our Adopt South West Business Support colleagues will advise prospective adopters when they make their enquiries.

For adoptive families, we provide:

And people who are considering becoming a step-parent:

Due to the current coronavirus (COVID-19) situation, our priorities as an adoption agency are to those vulnerable children within the local authority and ensuring our staff remain healthy to undertake this essential work.

We are unable to hold step-parent information sessions at the present time and will not be able to undertake any assessment work for non-agency adoption.

There are alternative options for seeking legal orders and if the non-absent parent is in agreement to you can apply direct to court for parental responsibility for the step parent. Again if the non-absent parent is in agreement you can apply for a name change via deed poll.

We apologise we are unable to offer this service at this present time and advise you to regularly look at the website for updates.

All events are listed below.

29 May 2020

Date and timeEvent
29/05/2020 Information event - Exeter

1 June 2020

Date and timeEvent
01/06/2020 Information event - Barnstaple

10 June 2020

Date and timeEvent
10/06/2020 Information event - Taunton

16 June 2020

Date and timeEvent
16/06/2020 Information event – Plymouth (new!)

24 June 2020

Date and timeEvent
24/06/2020 Life story sessions: Totnes and Bridgwater

25 June 2020

Date and timeEvent
25/06/2020 Life story sessions: Barnstaple and Plymouth

26 June 2020

Date and timeEvent
26/06/2020 Information event - Exeter

15 July 2020

Date and timeEvent
15/07/2020 Information event - Bridgwater

21 July 2020

Date and timeEvent
21/07/2020 Information event - Plymouth

31 July 2020

Date and timeEvent
31/07/2020 Information event - Exeter
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