Meet Alfie and Bertie

“I’m Alfie and I’m a four-years-old. I have a huge smile and my eyes light up when I’m happy. I have a younger brother Bertie who is very chatty and loves to cuddle up. He enjoys having a book read to him. We love playing together as well as being with our carers."

Alfie and Bertie

What do the people who care about us say?

The brothers have a good daily routine and enjoy a slow start to their day, playing together in their bedroom before breakfast.

Alfie will seek attention through negative and controlling behaviour if his needs are not being met.

Bertie can become distressed at very little things, he will become very expressive using his hands and voice, this can become repetitive and take some time and support from his carers to regulate him.

They are both very active brothers who love to be outside exploring the beach and swimming. They love being on the moors and horse riding, and both enjoy riding their bikes and scooters.

You can help Alfie and Bertie by…

  • providing a routine helps us to know what is going to happen each day and makes us feel safe
  • parenting us Therapeutically and supporting us to understand and express our feelings
  • anticipating our needs and giving us clear and consistent boundaries
  • beeping us physically active, we are at our happiest when we are outside exploring whatever the weather
  • giving praise, we like to be helpful, and we thrive on praise
  • supporting us to stay in contact with the important people in our lives and understanding the loss and separation we will be experiencing
  • supporting us with our Life Story by talking about it to us and continuing to add to it

Support available includes:

You can adopt

Considering adopting? There are very few barriers to adopting. If you can open your heart and your home to a child, we want to hear from you. There are safeguarding checks and there is a process but we don’t judge by lifestyles. We will support you all the way through the adoption process and beyond. Make the first step to adoption and please do talk to a member of our friendly Adopt South West team today.