Parent support group – South Devon


10:00 am - 1:00 pm

Event Type

Come with queries or aspects of your parenting/family life you’d like some discussion and thoughts about. Or come to join us and become part of the group. We use PACE and a therapeutic parenting approach. Both models are embedded within our group.

This will be an informal drop-in session, please feel free to stay for as long as you wish. Karen hopes that you will be able to join her for a cup of tea/coffee and biscuits:

  • 10am to 1pm face-to-face in South Devon
  • Monthly on Mondays, usually the third Monday of the month



  • 26/02/2024
  • 25/03/2024
  • 22/04/2024
  • 20/05/2024
  • 24/06/2024
  • 15/07/2024 10am until midday

No date in August

  • 23/09/2024
  • 21/10/2024
  • 25/11/2024
  • 16/12/2024


  • 27/01/2025
  • 24/02/2025

This group is aimed at parents who have attended a therapeutic parenting course to provide ongoing opportunities to explore, reflect and develop their knowledge of therapeutic/reparative parenting.

The first half of the session focuses on children up to 11 years old, and the second half on 12-year-olds and above, to consider the different developmental needs and contexts. Please feel free to attend for all or some of the whole group.

Those with older teens may have more space if you attend after 11:30am.

The group also welcomes parents who haven’t yet completed the course and would like to access some additional support.

It’s an open group and you are welcome to stay for all of it or come to the group half that works best for your family. Refreshments are available; you may want to bring a snack or a bite of lunch.

If you are interested, please email Karen with your name, telephone number and confirmation of your email address.