Exclusive bespoke events for parents, hosted by FASD South West 

We are delighted to announce that FASD Hub South West will be hosting more of their hugely successful ‘Ask the Expert Events’ for parents who support a child who has been exposed to trauma, alcohol or/and drugs. The first set of this year’s sessions have been released. To find out more details please email the group directly: fasd.southwest@gmail.com where they will be happy to add you to their forthcoming events mailing list.

Here is a first look at what they have coming up soon:

Webinar hosted by Clinical Psychologist Dr Naomi Fisher & Director of FASD South West; (date/time to be confirmed, with recorded download option) bespoke new session ‘Not Fine in School’:  

Developed as a bespoke resource for the growing numbers of families with children experiencing school attendance barriers. These barriers often relate to unmet Special Educational Needs & Disabilities (diagnosed or suspected), physical or mental illness, bullying and assault, trauma, excessive academic pressure, overly strict behaviour policies, a missing sense of belonging, and an irrelevant curriculum.


‘Ask the Expert’ Clinical Psychologist FASD Lead Dr Cassie Jackson & Director of FASD South West:
Monday 4 March 8:15 to 9:15pm

Limited tickets are now available for the ‘Ask the Expert’ Clinical Psychologist Dr Cassie Jackson, for parents who support a child who has been exposed to trauma, alcohol and/or drugs.

  • FASD and the HPA Axis Monday 4 March 8:15 to 9:15pm
  • Book now through Eventbrite
  • Understanding how cortisol levels have an impact on the body through the ‘‘HPA Axis‘, how does it have an effect on the central nervous system, in particular how do hormones have a huge part to play in triggering trauma responses.

There will be time set aside for individual parents questions which will be asked through the host during this session and the follow on session focused on Teenage Years Supporting Strategies, scheduled for Monday 29 April. Find future sessions planned.

To find out more details or to send your questions for the event please email the FASD Hub South West group directly: fasd.southwest@gmail.com


‘Ask the Expert’ Clinical Psychologist Dr Naomi Fisher specialising in trauma, autism and alternative approaches to education and Director of FASD South West:
(date/time to be confirmed)

The session will include open discussion around the challenges families face where out of the box strategies might be considered. Parents questions will guide the content of the session where a follow on webinair will be adapted to support the needs of the families we support.


Educational Psychologist Dr Abigail Fisher specialising in supporting the application or annual review of EHCP’s:
(date/time to be confirmed)

In our session we will focus on the importance of a plan that meets the needs to support children or young people with complex needs


‘Ask the Expert’ Clinical Psychiatrist Dr Cassie Jackson & FASD Hub South West focussing on ‘Supporting strategies for FASD’
29th April 2024 8:15 – 9:15pm: 

This will be part 2 of a session focussed on parents questions around mental and physical health problems including addiction, anxiety, depression, learning difficulties and relationship issues.


Ask the Expert’ Consultant Psychiatrist Prof Raja Mukherjee MBE & UK clinical lead on FASD will join us for an exclusive online event where he will be asked parent questions hosted by the FASD Hub Director: 

Answering questions on diagnosing FASD and its co-occuring conditions, as well as behavioural related questions including addiction



For more information and to join their mailing list please email FASD Hub South West: fasd.southwest@gmail.com