Workshop: My child through a sensory perspective

Date and Time

Date(s) - 04/03/2020
10:00 am - 1:00 pm


Facilitated by Chris West, Adoption Consultancy, Devon

Wednesday 4 March, 10.00am-1.00pm

Adopt South West is pleased to announce that Chris West will be delivering a workshop on sensory needs. This workshop will help you view your child’s behaviours from a sensory and attachment perspective, and consider how an enriched environment may be helpful for you and them.

Children who have been adopted are likely to present with a range of difficulties engaging in everyday activities such as play, self care, and school work. Children with a history of separation, loss, abuse, and neglect may also present with emotional and sensory processing issues, and they become activated when they are exposed to sensations that are associated with the trauma experience (Bhreathnach, 2016).
These adverse experiences impact on the development of their senses, which in turn influences their ability to regulate themselves, and engage with others.

The development of our senses and how well they are integrated and regulated is the foundation for other areas of a child’s development. Supporting adoptive parents to understand their child from a sensory perspective is crucial for the child’s development, and wellbeing.
This presentation will support parents to be able to further understand their child from a sensory and attachment perspective:

  • to identify how complex developmental trauma impacts on a child’s physiological, sensory and emotional functioning
  • to explore the underlying theories around this.
  •  to support adopters in identifying their children’s sensory triggers, and help them with strategies questions and answers

Adopt South West is able to offer this fantastic workshop at a subsided rate of £7 per person, to be paid on the day. Places are limited, so to avoid disappointment please book now by emailing