Therapeutic Parenting: April to July course

Date and Time

Date(s) - 28/04/2022 - 21/07/2022
10:00 am - 12:30 pm


For approved adopters and adopters coming through for approval

This model of therapeutic parenting is well established and we always receive fantastic feedback from parents. This is a 12 week course.

The course is divided into three modules, with module one helping parents to develop their understanding of attachment as well as their child’s behaviour and their own. Module 2, focuses on the importance of creating a safe base for children, with module three focusing on parenting with PACE and how to respond to behaviours as a therapeutic parent.

Facilitated by Joy Gamble Specialist Psychologist (Attachment and Trauma) and Dyadic Developmental Practice (DDP) Practitioner. It will be held in person in Somerset (although this may change to being a virtual course)

Thursday 28 April until Thursday 21 July 2022 at 10.00am – 12.30pm (with a break for half term on 2 June )

Aims of the course:

  • To help adoptive parents understand how early trauma and disrupted attachments affects the child’s developmental process.
  • To help adoptive parents reflect on how the child’s early history is enacted in the here and now and to increase their understanding of the meaning behind behaviours.
  • To enable adoptive parents to implement a therapeutic parenting approach to improve attunement and attachment.
  • To reflect on the child’s specific attachment difficulties how what this means for their parenting and their family life in general.
  • To enable parents to build confidence in using PACE by creating opportunities to practice therapeutic parenting in a supportive group environment.
  • To enable adoptive parents to reflect on their own attachment histories and how these impact on their own parenting.
  • To promote self-care and self-reflection for parents.

Funding for Therapeutic Parenting courses can be applied for via the Adoption Support Fund, subject to eligibility.

For more information and in order to reserve a place, please email us:
Please include your children’s names, their date of birth, the named social worker, telephone number and confirmation of your email address.