Let’s Play group


10:00 am - 11:30 am

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Based on group Theraplay techniques for adopters and their children, Lets Play will be running from Tuesday 3 October 2023 starting with an information session followed by a six-session course, with a final feedback session on Tuesday 28 November.

The goal of this group will be to support adopters and their adoptive children in positive attachment building through play and touch.

If your child is aged between three and five years old and you would like to gain a greater understanding of Theraplay and have fun, then this group is for you!

There will be a maximum of six adopters and six children attending this workshop. If you wish to bring more than one of your children, then another adult/both parents will need to be present for all sessions.

Time: 10am to 11:30am

  • Intro session: Tuesday 3 October (parents only)
  • Session 1 – Tuesday 10 October
  • Session 2 – Tuesday 17 October
  • (Break for school half-term)
  • Session 3 – Tuesday 31 October
  • Session 4 – Tuesday 7 November
  • Session 5 – Tuesday 14 November
  • Session 6 – Tuesday 21 November
  • Feedback session: Tuesday 28 November (parents only)

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Outcomes for Let’s Play group Theraplay workshop:

Adopters can learn different Theraplay-based techniques with their children, that cover all the domains.

For adopters, it will

  • increase attunement to the child
  • increase comfort with nurturing
  • increase the ability to play with the child
  • increase comfort with holding, touching and regulating child
  • increase the ability to benevolently structure child
  • increase comfort in eye contact,
  • increase ability to engage children, and empower parents to meet the child’s needs.

For the child, it will

  • increase trust in the parent
  • increase comfort with closeness and intimacy
  • increase comfort with eye contact
  • accept nurturing from parent
  • accept structure from parent
  • have fun and feel joy with the parent
  • have ‘baby experiences’ with the parent
  • be touched in a healthy way by the parent
  • and feel safe with parents.