Disability Living Allowance: Can you claim for higher level needs?

Article source: FASD Hub South West

Thinking about your Disability Living Allowance application renewal or first application – it might understandably inspire feelings of dread! This very helpful free webinar will guide you through, recommended by parents.

Top tips from parents

  • Start exploring the information and note down key words ahead of time. This may help you gather and record evidence, rather than trying to remember it all in your head.
  • Write the application as if it was your child’s worst day and worst night. Don;t hold back! When you are having one of those days, try to capture notes afterwards when the feelings are still fresh (if you have the energy!)
  • Visualising this worst day/night makes it easier to write the form, and to say with conviction why this high level of support might be needed.

More helpful free resources (best downloaded using a laptop or PC) available on the FASD Hub South West website under the resources pages (benefits).