Accessibility spotlight: Epilepsy and Caudwell Children

Have you visited the Young Epilepsy website? It includes information on rare epilepsy and young epilepsy which is particularly interesting, and provides open examples by parents who support children with epilepsy.

Coming soon… Young Epilepsy will be releasing the first in a series of podcasts challenging common misunderstandings about what young people with epilepsy can and can’t do.  The first episode will focus on football, and will feature a panel of football professionals and sports journalists, alongside one of the Young Epilepsy Reps, Renell. Keep an eye on Young Epilepsy social media platforms and Young Epilepsy ‘The Channel’ for updates.

Get Sensory Packs sensory toys for disabled children

Each item in the ‘Get Sensory Packs’ has been specially picked out by the Caudwell Children clinical team to support children with a wide range of disabilities. The packs:

  • develop physical skills
  • help manage emotions
  • better engage children’s five senses

Get the pack worth £100 for just £20. Find out more and apply here.