A poem: Life under lockdown

Here's a great poem we've been sent by a mum to two young adopted children. We thought it may resonate with you, especially if you are struggling to prioritise schooling at the moment under the lockdown during coronavirus (COVID-19).

Life under lockdown…

Jumping streams
And running through fields
Lazy mornings
And home cooked meals

Exploring our world
Wild and free
Learning through play
Space to just… be

No schedules or lists
To busy our days
Time together
Learning to play

I’m a toddler again
Sometimes I’m 1
I’m filling in gaps
With my dad and my mum

I break things and tantrum
I scream and I shout
But I’m home in my safe place
Where they love me no doubt

I’m getting my needs met
By learning to feel
I am learning who I am
I am learning to heal

So Maths and English
Are not as important you see
We have been given extra time
So I am learning to be… me!

Our poet wished to remain anonymous but gave us permission to share.

During this time we are offering virtual support and we’re looking at how we can creatively support you, while keeping things running as normally as possible. For more information visit our coronavirus updates page.

We still need adopters and our enquiries are going back up!

You may have seen the recent BBC article about Adopt South West about adoption enquiries. Kath Drescher, our Adopt South West Service Manager explains we still do need adopters:

If you are considering adoption, we want to hear from you – have a conversation with us and talk about adoption and what it could mean for you – we want to have that conversation. We have information that you can look at; videos to watch; books to read towards getting you to be in a good place and be ready to adopt. Even if the lockdown means the time isn’t right for you then we still want to talk.

There are many areas of the assessment that we can do virtually. Our virtual panels are working successfully with February eight families and March six being matched and 10 in April.

We are offering our info events virtually too and want to support you on your adoption journey from the earliest possible stage. If you’re interested in adopting, get your questions answered by contacting our friendly team.