A letter from ‘Father Christmas’

Letter from Father Christmas

We have permission to share a letter from local adoptive parents (from Father Christmas), to their daughter, who firmly believes she is on the naughty list:

Dear A,

I wanted to write to you this year as I know you have been really struggling, and your Mummy and Daddy tell me that you’re very sad. I know that you have not behaved in the way that you would like to recently and you are worried about what people must be thinking of you. We know that sometimes humans struggle to manage all the hard things life throws at them and move that it’s even harder for little children like you.

One thing that is important for you to know is that here at the North Pole we don’t just see children’s faces and behaviours; we can see their hearts! We see your heart here. Your heart is so bright. Your heart is so kind. Your heart is so brave. And that is who you are and what you’re made of. Your heart will not change. Even when your face is angry, or your voice is shouting, your heart is always good. You have a good heart, I promise.

I know that you have had a tough time this year and I know that things haven’t always gone to plan. I want you to know that while you feel you have failed, you have also tried hard. Here at the North Pole, we have seen you achieve some amazing things this year. I wonder if you’ve forgotten about them, so I thought I’d let you know the things that have made your heart sparkle…

  • You started swimming lessons this year and we have seen you enjoying time with the other children, we’ve seen you smiling, we know you have listened to the teacher and your swimming is amazing! When you swim, your heart to and we see that.
  • You have started going to your group every Saturday, which shows your brave heart. We are so impressed with all the things you made; when you made them your heart was shining so bright with creativity and knowledge and we saw that. I really hope you continue to go to the group because it’s important to do things that make our hearts happy.
  • Your heart was sparkling when you were playing with your friends and their hearts are shining too.

Your heart gets bigger and brighter every time you cuddle your Mummy and Daddy. We haven’t seen you do that in a while, maybe tonight you could go and give them both an extra big lovely cuddle? It makes their heart shine too! It’s extra special when we see hearts together making each other shine, they actually get bigger and sparkle.

Love, Father Christmas